At Arcadis Gen we’ve got one purpose: 'to unlock the power of data for a more sustainable, efficient, and resilient world’.

We are dedicated to developing world-class digital products and customer experiences through our unique combination of deep asset knowledge, digital expertise, and advanced analytics capabilities. Our solutions help organizations maximize the value of their data, using technology to improve performance and optimize decision-making and enabling them to better understand and manage their assets.

Arcadis Gen is committed to excellence in our delivery to customers, satisfying all requirements applicable to our operations and achieving continual improvement. We believe that people and culture are at the heart of our success and our talented people enable us, in line with our four core values, to fulfil our passion to make the world a better place by building a culture that delivers innovation, excellence, and customer success.

At Gen we want to make bold progress, we set bold objectives & targets and hold ourselves accountable for their achievement through our governance structure. To ensure achievement of this commitment Arcadis Gen has established a strategic framework in the form of Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) which act as our quality objectives. Our OKRs are organised around three pillars – Sustainability, Scalability & Growth and they provide the basis to meaningfully drive performance excellence leading to continual improvement. They are measured by a set of quantifiable outcomes and are driven by clear initiatives. They align to every domain and every individual within Gen ensuring our people all contribute to Gen’s success and that this contribution is measured.

Fundamental to the successful management of quality is the effective communication of business requirements and best practice. To achieve this and to meet the requirements of our People, Partners & Investors, and Customers, we operate a digital management system which incorporates the ‘Arcadis Gen Way’ of working and complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This system is available to everyone in Gen, ensures all our people can collaborate effectively irrespective of location, and includes mechanisms for managing risk and delivering continual improvement. The ongoing effectiveness of the system and its application is the subject of management reviews and independent audits.

In order to secure support and commitment to this policy we have numerous forums to facilitate our people involvement and consultation ensuring its successful implementation.

This policy, the quality objectives, and our digital HQ are communicated, regularly monitored, reviewed for continuing suitability, and improved to ensure that the Arcadis Gen vision, purpose and strategy is achieved.

Mike Rose
Chief Revenue Officer

May 2023

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