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Transport for London, United Kingdom

Never before in their 150+ years have Transport for London, the British capital’s primary transportation authority, implemented a single system to manage all lines and assets in their extensive network. With this partnership, they will have a single system for managing all nine London Underground and London Tramlink lines using Gen’s asset and safety management solutions.

From improving overall reliability and frequency of their services, to ensuring each passenger’s commute across the city is as safe and effective as can be, this partnership is a major undertaking in the role of digital solutions in critical infrastructure.

With EAM, Transport for London can:

Manage all lines and assets in one integrated system

Consistently provide reliable passenger journey

Achieve a safer, more reliable and affordable railway

The Challenge
With urbanization on the rise and nearly 70% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, innovative digital solutions are needed to help public transport authorities transform their services, offer more frequent and reliable journeys for commuters, and ensure the safety of millions of people every single day.

For Transport for London, they need a system that will support the continuous improvement of their underground services across the city, boost reliability and frequency of these services, and help manage the increasing passenger numbers created by London’s rapidly growing population.

The Solution
Gen’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform not only allows for the integration of existing disparate systems, but it also supports the whole lifecycle needs of metro transport organizations for asset and safety management.

With this tool, Transport for London can specifically maintain long-term capacity demands and plans capability development, while also shaping and delivering infrastructure change projects, managing the assets and systems of multi-modal transport solutions, and operating day-to-day services at their safest and most efficient.

The Result

“Delivering one asset system that we can all use in Asset Operations will take us another step forward in our modernization journey. This is integral to our vision of achieving a safer, more reliable and more affordable railway, becoming better for our customers every day.”

Transport for London Director of Asset Operations, Peter McNaught

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Alex Berry,

Director of Infrastructure Industry Solutions

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