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Evonet, Denmark

Evonet, one of the leading distribution system operators in Scandinavia, needed an enterprise-level solution to take their risk-driven investment planning approach to the next level.

They supply energy to 325,000 homes and companies across Denmark and enjoy one of the lowest customer service interruptions in the industry. But faced with increasing expectations from their shareholders, regulators and customers, Evonet knew that traditional age and condition-based investment plans would no longer be good enough in the long term.

With Gen’s Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) support tool, Evonet was better able to evaluate scenarios to understand risk, performance, and cost implications across sixteen different asset types. Through this tool, Evonet achieved:

Enhanced cross-asset optimization across asset types

Better understanding of investment-to-risk trade-off

Securing a better electrical grid for the next generation

The Challenge
Originally, Evonet’s employed the GB Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM)* to calculate and forecast risk for Extra-High Voltage (EHV) assets.

While this has served them well in the past, evolving customer needs and stakeholder expectations, together with worsening impacts of climate change, mean that it’s time for an upgrade. As their asset network grows bigger and more factors must now be considered to accurately predict and prepare for risks, traditional spreadsheets would no longer suffice.

The Solution
Evonet partnered with Arcadis Gen to take their processes to the next level: making the switch to a fit-for-purpose, enterprise-level asset management solution that was fit for both strategic business planning and business-as-usual investment decision-making.

They adapted Gen’s Enterprise Decision Analytics tool to improve, optimize and future-proof their risk-driven investment planning approach. This enabled Evonet to take bigger, more comprehensive amounts of data to run strategic scenarios and better understand the trade-off between investments and risks. In addition to enhanced cross-asset optimization capabilities, Evonet can also more accurately identify efficiencies to improve performance across the entire network and asset lifecycle.

The Result
With Gen’s Enterprise Decision Analytics tool, Evonet’s reputation as a Dutch energy industry leader is secured. Equipped with best-in-class asset management, they are now well on track to their goal of ensuring a better electrical grid for future generations to come and being a core part of the green transition at affordable costs.

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Simon Evans,

Global Sales Operations Manager, all sectors

Simon has over 17 years of experience working in software sales and account management roles for software organizations selling and implementing large enterprise solutions and smaller bespoke software applications into large utilities and government agencies. Simon is passionate about Arcadis Gen and Arcadis working collaboratively across the globe to help drive customer value by offering world leading digital solutions, data analytics and deep asset knowledge.

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*The Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM) has been developed by the Great Britain Electricity Distribution Network Operators and provides a common framework of definitions, principles and calculation methodologies, adopted across all GB Distribution Network Operators, for the assessment, forecasting and regulatory reporting of Asset Risk.

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