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The Challenge

There were several challenges in accurately assessing the size and scope of the capital infrastructure funding gap of the District, including:

Creating an accurate inventory of the number and condition of all District-owned assets 
Estimating their related costs of repair or replacement
Assessing future capital infrastructure needed to support continued growth of the city
Understanding which capital projects might be funded through the use of public-private partnerships or other non-traditional financing sources
Determining the future capital needs of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro)


The Solution

In 2021, Arcadis Gen began working with DC Government to deploy our asset investment planning solution, Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA). The project includes the prioritization and optimization of decisions across its diverse network of assets, including network infrastructure (roads and bridges), vehicles, buildings, and schools.

EDA will be used to help DC Gov understand the health and reliability of its assets. By using EDA’s predictive capabilities, DC Gov will be able to quickly understand the impact of different factors on deterioration and identify where its budget will be best spent to minimize failures, reduce maintenance backlog and ensure DC Gov’s key internal and external KPIs are met.

Through EDA’s ‘what-if’ scenario modeling capabilities, EDA will help DC Gov identify the best use of its budgets over the next 6 years as well as provide the reports required to support the business.

The team at DC Gov will be trained on software and a small team will be educated to be ‘expert’ users, able to add new models, change model parameters, create new scenarios, add new data sets, create and manage data scripts – ensuring any new information or changes can be quickly incorporated by the team.


The Benefits

The District now has one of the highest bond ratings - state or local governments - in the country. It can borrow more money, at a cheaper rate, and all applied to the unfunded capital needs.


A complete asset inventory, with current condition assessments presents the District a baseline of its multi-billion dollar portfolio, by which future decisions can be made based on evidence and objectivity, as opposed to the traditional ‘boardroom brawls’.


Enables the annual production of thelong-range Plan submitted to Mayor and Council as aroadmap for the next 6 years of capital expenditures.


Please check out additional case studies that feature Enterprise Decision Analytics and other Arcadis Gen solutions in our projects pages.


Rob Corazzola

Rob Corazzola,

North America Director of Sales, all sectors

Rob is a professional engineer in the Province of Ontario with 14 years of experience in public works and asset management for local government, with 24 years of experience in software, EAM and advanced analytics sales at both small and large companies. It is a passion he has held throughout the past 35+ years through client engagements, serving on AM association Boards, and travelling the globe conducting business and collecting AM gems (best practices) along the way!

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