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Ultimate guide to enhancing data quality for more effective asset management

When it comes to your data sets, there’s nothing more important than ensuring the information you have is totally accurate and prepared for analysis. Incorrect data and confusing anomalies can seriously hinder the performance of your asset management and cause upset in the decision making process. This guide examines how deploying the right data cleansing app can prove essential in helping you understand and enhance your own data sets.

Top five takeaways:

  • Make sure you move from disconnected decision making to evidence-based decision making.
  • Start somewhere small, then build data quantities over time.
  • Assess and improve data quality for more confidence in your future modeling.
  • Interrogate the security of your third-party apps, so that you’re sure you feel safe and secure with a cloud based protection.
  • Take advantage of democratization of data science - as free - flow tools are finally becoming a thing of the past.

Clarity is key

Effective asset management requires a consistent, two-way relationship between strategy and operations across your organization. Both are needed for success. But in order to achieve real success, you’ll first need complete consistency and clarity when it comes to your data. This will help you to avoid differing views from other departments where access to information may be limited.

This is where data cleansing and quality-repair can really help. No matter the quality or quantity of your data, you can make an active start on digitalizing your processes and getting your data sets ready for modeling and asset optimization. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use a highly intuitive data quality-repair app.

Thanks to the growing implementation of asset management apps, data science is now becoming more democratic than ever. Businesses of all sizes and models are now able to get in on the action when it comes to data-driven decision making by accessing the all-important decision support tools that they need to enhance their day-to-day operations.

Taking a technology-oriented approach to studying advanced data analytics has allowed for a laser-focused evaluation of all elements of asset management, and eliminated the need to seek out a data scientist or any other third party to do the data repair work for you. These advanced apps are able to assess the quality of data as never before – efficiently examining, cleansing and fixing any data issues you may have overlooked.

Quality control is the most essential aspect of what the applications do. In order to examine the data and ultimately repair it, your data sets must first be visualized. This visualization process allows the solution to remove any bad data and represent only confirmed information instead, while creating a process for filling in any gaps and allowing you to move forward with a much clearer picture.

The right tools for the job

When considering a third party app, you’ll want to implement one that caters to all of your enterprise performance management needs – chief of all requirements being total security. Rather than relying on outdated means such as proprietary-built tech or spreadsheets, your organization needs a solution with reliable, built-in security that starts from the ground up. AppliedInsight offers two data cleansing application solutions that will not only allow you to better interpret your datasets, but also give you complete confidence that all of your data is totally safe and secure on a cloud-based storage space – no matter where in the world you are.

AppliedInsight’s Data Quality Visualization (DQV) solution is an easy to use tool that allows you to quickly assess and analyze your data sets, as well as clearly highlighting any weak spots. Above all, the insights you’re provided with at the end of the process will help you to make decisions with confidence, as you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge and clarity you may have been previously missing. You’ll also be able to build better business cases when it comes to considering investments, as clean and clear data will help to break down any previously obstructive investment barriers.

The second of AppliedInsight’s asset management tools is the Data Quality Repair (DQR) application. With more of a focus on preparing and repairing data, this application can really help you to drill down into the datasets you have and understand exactly where missing, duplicated or erroneous entries can be found. The app also provides you with a detailed insights report, highlighting exactly which areas have been cleaned and which key decisions have been made.

The cost-effectiveness element of asset-management apps is something that makes them a highly attractive option for so many organizations today. Gone are the days when your budget is blown on costly consultancy. Apps such as DQV and DQR enable you to fix your own data with ease, while keeping costs right down.

Ultimately, complete data overhauls don’t have to happen overnight and shouldn’t be rushed if you want to get them right. First, take the time to really look for tools that guide you through the process, step by step. Be sure to mold your inputs to the needs of your organization. That way, you’re sure to get the outputs you need when the data cleansing process is complete.

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Enhancing data quality for more effective asset management

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