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How EAM adds value across industries

Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM) is transforming the way companies in aviation, rail, water, and energy manage their assets. By streamlining maintenance, improving reliability, and optimizing performance, EAM is making these industries more competitive and efficient.




Airports must use their resources and facilities as economically and efficiently as possible in today’s highly competitive travel market. With EAM software, airlines can schedule maintenance based on actual asset usage to reduce service downtime, improve staff productivity, and increase safety for both workers and passengers. They can also monitor spare parts, monitor fuel consumption, and ensure they are complying with regulations.

When it comes to retail, which is the most important source of income for airports, appropriately managing the real estate can support key commercial relationships and increase profit yields with minimum effort. Even in the face of travel disruption, with reliable EAM software you can now define ownership, accountability, and responsibility that facilitates better recovery. All of this leads to better on-time performance, lower costs, and happier passengers. Have a look at how we helped Dublin Airport to remain efficient and profitable:

• Schedule maintenance based on actual asset usage

• Monitor spare parts, fuel consumption, and comply with regulations

• Efficiently manage the real estate

• Define ownership, accountability, and responsibilities



Rail organizations can rely on EAM to manage their vast fleets of locomotives, wagons, tracks, and operations. This way they can monitor the health of each asset (i.e. condition, cost to maintain it, and usability), and plan maintenance activities accordingly without exceeding budget. You can also track specific assets, and even monitor fuel consumption to reduce energy usage and be more sustainable during peak times.

Similar to aviation, an EAM solution can help you better manage your real estate and focus on increasing the profitability of your retail space within the train stations, offering a better experience for not only passengers but also potential partners.

Overall, using a reliable EAM solution in the rail industry leads to longer asset life, better track availability, and improved safety for both workers and passengers whilst keeping costs down. Take a look at how our EAM solution helped Transport for London to stay ahead of the curve:

• Monitor the health and condition of each asset

• Monitor fuel consumption to increase sustainability

• Efficiently manage real estate

• define ownership, accountability, and responsibilities   


Water plant

In the water sector, asset management involves the proactive maintenance of the assets that makes up a region’s water network. With EAM, organizations of all sizes can optimize their on-the-ground operations and capitalize on opportunities to reduce energy consumption.

Thanks to EAM’s machine learning capabilities, you can also better understand the condition and lifespan of your assets, a key benefit that will help decrease the number of pipe failures and service disruptions. Naturally, as you operate with more efficiency and proactivity, your results will contribute to improved customer service, employee satisfaction, and increased sustainability.

• Optimize on-the-ground operations and reduce energy consumption

• Understand the condition and lifespan of your assets

• Reduce service disruptions

• Increase customer service, employee satisfaction, and sustainability levels


Wind farm

Power plants, transmission networks, and distribution systems are complex assets that require constant monitoring and maintenance. Not to mention renewable energy assets such as wind turbines, solar panels, and hydroelectric power plants, which also require meticulous management to ensure optimal performance and maximum returns on investment.

An EAM solution offers a comprehensive approach to managing these assets at all lifecycle stages, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. EAM helps energy companies optimize their operations, reduce downtime, and ensure grid stability. It also helps them manage their asset-related risks and comply with safety regulations. Whether it's developing predictive maintenance models, implementing asset health monitoring systems, or optimizing supply chain management, EAM can keep costs down and the organizations ahead of the curve.

• Manage assets at all lifecycle stages

• Optimize operations, reduce downtime, ensure grid stability

• Comply with safety regulations 

Get in touch today and see how EAM could support you with your day-to-day operations and help you achieve your goals more efficiently. 

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