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Enterprise Decision Analytics

Enterprise Decision Analytics enables optimal asset investment decisions so that you can do the right work, on the right assets, at the right time.

Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) provides asset intensive organizations the ability to manage their asset portfolio for optimal investments and performance, sustainability and resilience initiatives.

Using the latest technology and leveraging optimization, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and our digital expertise; EDA was purpose-built to deliver key business outcomes.

What is Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA)?
EDA is one of the leading Asset Investment Planning (AIP) solutions in the marketplace. A highly configurable, integrated platform with two key modules to help you optimize your assets and investment projects.

EDA provides an end-to-end view of the asset lifecycle and delivers optimized investment models to support your planning needs, no matter what industry you’re in.

EDA Asset has all the tools to support prescriptive analytics for asset investment planning, including data storage and analysis, and model building.

EDA Portfolio allows capture of risks or needs, both of which can be proactively and reactively identified, and then easily reported and optimized.

Everyday challenges

Achieving more with existing budget while ensuring asset portfolio performance, sustainability and resilience.


Delivering results while managing risk, meeting performance and stakeholder expectations, and maximizing capital efficiency.

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Improving adherence to ever expanding government guidelines and compliance requirements.

WAIPP customer benefits

Make smarter business decisions
EDA provides fully configurable and auditable modelling processes that enables large asset intensive organizations to better understand their complex portfolios and make smarter decisions that not only balance risk, cost and customer service, but also deliver optimal investment plans. EDA will ensure that you are investing into the right assets at the right time.

Data-driven decisions
Use advanced analytics to organize your asset and portfolio investment plans in the most efficient way so you can plan with confidence. Fully understand investment impacts against any set of constraints. Showcase scenarios at executive level with data-driven results you can trust. Find the right balance between operational excellence, consumer value for justified investment decisions and financial for operational success.

Better data visualization makes for smarter planning
Asset managers and heads of capital projects are easily able to visualize optimized scenarios and get the actionable insights they need to create robust, data-driven investment plans.

Centralize your asset data in a single location and effortlessly understand their condition, risk and contingencies. Adjust to changing circumstances by quickly running different scenarios to compare outcomes and plan with more confidence. Save time and resources by shortening the necessary for planning and regulatory submission reporting.

Transform your strategic planning
With an end-to-end analytics platform for smarter, more efficient planning and clear, consistent project prioritization that is aligned with both your long-term strategic planning and situation ‘on the ground’.

Ensure objective decisions
By establishing a common value framework. In a modern world companies often make complex decisions that are impacted not only by factors such as reliability, safety, cost-effectiveness and levels of service but also factors such as environmental responsibility, sustainability and climate resilience. EDA enables companies to quantify and assess these disparate factors and reach reliable, data-based decisions.

Exceed expectations
And regulatory compliance by delivering defensible, science-driven investment plans. Easily demonstrate cost effectiveness to key stakeholders and show that you can optimize investment plans to realize the greatest value from existing assets.

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