Investing with clarity

Severn Trent Water (STW) needed to up their data game to make sure they were making the right investment choices for their three million assets. With Enterprise Decision Analytics they are now maximizing returns for shareholders and can say with confidence that their 4.3 million customers are getting value for money.

For over a decade, STW’s decision-making roadmap has combined investment scenarios, risk and uncertainty, conducting thousands of optimizations each year. They needed a proven decision support tool that was capable of complex asset-level investment modeling, risk management and optimization.

With our industry-leading Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) software, STW now manages all their asset and portfolio optimization needs in a single, web-based, platform. EDA’s rich visualization dashboards enhance communications, and predictive analytics allow STW to plan for the future with confidence.

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Joe Roebuck

Global Analytics Leader

Want to hear more about this product?

Industry defining results

Using EDA, STW have made significant changes to their planning processes and culture for non-infrastructure assets, creating cost efficiencies of more than 15%.

This performance has placed them consistently in the upper quartile in industry rankings, and their record of significantly and consistently outperforming performance commitments to the regulator has resulted in record-breaking rewards of £50 million.

There is no point in having powerful strategic models if you don’t use them at an operational delivery level. EDA provides that clear line of sight and ability to take investments from strategic planning to operational delivery.Joe Roebuck, Business Analytics Director, Arcadis Gen

  • 15%Cost savings
  • £50mDelivery incentives achieved
  • Upper QuartileIndustry rankings

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