Software products and solutions for the whole asset lifecycle, for any size of organization

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Helping asset-intensive organizations create sustainable asset management practices that maximize asset information value for more efficient operations and maintenance activities.


Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA)

Helping organizations navigate environmental, social and governanance (ESG) challenges through easy-to-use tools and actionable insights that generate a comprehensive view of risk and impact across a broad asset base.

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Select your market to find out how Arcadis Gen's unique combination of technical asset knowledge and advanced analytics could help you improve reliability, performance, efficiency and safety across your operations.

Next-generation analytics designed with business users in mind

Our guiding principles will make it easier for you to upload, analyze and output your asset data for improved insights with clear actions plans across a broad range in industry sectors. We create value for our customers, helping them to achieve strong commercial performance and postive outcomes for society through resilience and sustainability.


User Interface

An intuitive and simple user experience through which you interact

Easy to use


Data Upload

Making it easier to upload, normalize and structure date to accelerate time to value

Removing the pain



Interactive reporting, analysis and visualization to improve collaboration

Be better informed


Insights & Actions Plans

Automate the extraction and delivery of oppurtunities to optimize outcomes

Take the right action


Benefit from decades of built-in engineering and data modelling expertise

Unlock the power of data

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