Health and Safety Vision

As a people first business our mission is to improve quality of life by ensuring our employees are both physically and psychologically healthy and safe at work. Our primary aim is to achieve zero incidents in everything we do, ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of Gen’s people and the stakeholders with whom we work. Aligned to our values, and our best in class health & safety (H&S) culture and performance, we strive to create a proactive and inclusive environment where our people engage in H&S each and every day.

We are wholly committed to making our business a healthy & safe place to work and to continual improvement in our  health, safety and wellbeing (HSW) performance. To achieve our vision we integrate HSW standards and best practices into all aspects of our operations to identify physical and psychological hazards, manage risk, prevent injury and ill-health, and bring the best outcomes for our people and customers.

Health and Safety Policy

At Arcadis Gen HSW is a requirement for operational excellence and is fundamental to how we conduct our business. We believe that all harm is preventable and we therefore ask, and expect, that every employee integrates health & safety into their daily working practices demonstrating HSW stewardship on a continuous basis.

Our policy provides the framework for setting objectives to deliver on our HSW commitments. It is implemented, continually improved, and administered through systems, processes, procedures and other arrangements in accordance with global standards and applicable legislation and regulations.

To successfully implement this policy and the underpinning management system Arcadis Gen and our people:

• Keep HSW first in all we do all the time.

• Put our people first in all aspects of Arcadis 5 ways to HSW (Health, Security, Belonging, Relationships & Purpose).

• Set clear objectives and targets for HSW and ensure these are understood.

• Proactively recognize physical & psychological hazards, assess risks, and control those risks in everything we do, every day (Our TRACK philosophy).

• Act only when we understand the hazards and controls and exercise our authority to stop work.

• Demonstrate visible HSW leadership and know that active HSW stewardship is an expectation of employment.

• Hold our leaders and our people accountable for HSW.

• Comply with applicable legal and other HSW requirements wherever we work.

• Actively care for our people and stakeholders by intervening when we observe at-risk behaviors or unsafe physical and/or psychological conditions and address them promptly.

• Recognize our people for proactive HSW behaviors.

• Ensure our people are competent to do their work safely.

• Rigorously qualify, select, and evaluate our subcontractors for HSW performance as applicable to our work.

• Encourage our stakeholders to align with our HSW culture and collaborate with them to achieve zero incidents.

• Communicate lessons learned and best practices.

Promoting and enhancing a working environment consistent with the principles of dignity, mutual respect, confidentiality, cooperation, and trust in the HSW management system is key to achieving a zero incident culture. We therefore empower our employees to be actively involved through engagement, consultation, participation and representative meetings to continually improve all aspects of HSW creating a healthy, safe, and inclusive workplace where all our people can be their best.

The Board acknowledges that the primary responsibility for the successful implementation of this policy lies with itself. It also recognizes that achieving zero incidents and preventing all harm in our operations is a challenging objective which can only be achieved if all Arcadis Gen people understand, believe in, demonstrate, and communicate these commitments and engage in the continual improvement of our HSW system and performance every day.

Mike Rose
Chief Revenue Officer

March 2023

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