What is a product?

Find out more about the types of ideas and solutions Gen is building its business around.

In the past three years, Arcadis has made great progress in its digital transformation. During this journey, we've learned that there is significant market demand from our industry for advanced digital solutions.

Gen was created to accelerate the growth of digital products to meet this pressing need for our customers. Gen and Arcadis support each other by leveraging the wealth of industry and asset knowledge to inform and position the creation of Gen’s products, and contribute to building new business and strengthening existing relationships for Arcadis.

What is a product?

‘’We define a product as a standalone, consumable solution which responds to a market wide need. A product is typically a software program that is built once and sold as a repeatable package offering many times, to multiple customers’’.

Gen is interested in developing products that generate recurring revenue through a subscription fee, continually reducing the cost to deliver, that are scalable across markets and industries.

Productization and digitization

Digitization is defined as standardized, automated ways of working which enable us to solve customer challenges more efficiently. It is the use of technology as an advantage in our internal and external operations. Digitization improves margin and enhances capability, giving Arcadis a competitive edge. Arcadis is accelerating its digitization efforts and some, but not all, of Gen’s products will enable Arcadis to become more efficient in their operations.

Products and digitization support one another, as operations become more efficient with products that enable a standardized service and those same deployable products generate revenue for the business.

Gen is currently investing in four new and existing product families to solve customer challenges:

  • Plan - Enterprise Decision Analytics

  • Deliver - Program and Cost Management

  • Operate & Maintain - Enterprise Asset Management

  • Monitor & Health - Enterprise Performance Management

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