Enterprise Decision Analytics – Asset (EDA Asset)

Enables users to integrate different disparate data sources, build asset models, analyze and optimize the data in order to produce reporting outcomes that are used for operational, tactical and strategic decision making.


How does EDA help?

  • Highly flexible solution  
  • Handles any type of linear or vertical assets
  • Applicable to both short and long-term planning
  • Utilizes Machine Learning, AI and Complex Optimization Solvers
  • Leverages BI Visualization and Reporting
EDA Asset - Diagram

Model your lifecycle of assets

As a decision support tool, EDA Asset can stand alone or be complemented with EDA Portfolio to develop, prioritize and optimize investment considerations.

EDA Asset is designed to model the lifecycle of assets and enable organizations to better understand the behaviour of assets over time, the interventions or activities to conduct to optimize the performance and value of assets and inform both stakeholders and other systems what optimal decisions should be considered. 

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