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What is Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA)?

Decision analytics is a discipline which ensures that business decisions are made by considering all the relevant factors, information, and options available. It plays a crucial role in business areas such as risk, capital investments, strategy, asset investment planning, and more.

Arcadis Gen’s Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) solution is a decision support platform that empowers asset intensive organizations to better understand their asset portfolios and enable optimal, data-driven decisions that balance complex factors for an optimal asset investment plan.

EDA enables companies to streamline their planning process, improve planning efficiency, save time on reporting and regulatory submissions, and quickly reach objective, data-driven, operational, tactical and strategic decisions.

EDA is a highly configurable, integrated platform with two key modules to help you optimize your assets and investment projects.

EDA Portfolio

EDA Portfolio allows Asset Managers to view the impact of the Asset Portfolio on business metrics, make informed decisions about investment planning, and provide data driven, defensible plans to the stakeholders and regulators.

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EDA Asset

EDA Asset enable users to integrate different disparate data sources, build asset models, analyze and optimize the data in order to produce reporting outcomes that are used for operational, tactical and strategic decision making.

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Supporting different industries

Enterprise Decision Analytics provides market leading decision support and analytics services for asset-intensive organizations in all sectors. As a highly flexible solution, EDA can handle any linear or vertical assets and is equally capable of optimizing both short and long-term asset planning with key objectives in mind, while adhering to multiple constraints.

Whether it's maintaining railroad tracks, replacing pipe networks, modernizing the power grid, or planning to reduce carbon footprint, each sector has its own unique set of requirements when managing their assets.

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How does EDA help?

  • Empowers Sustainability -  ability to understand the impact an asset has on avoiding the depletion of natural resources: carbon emissions, water consumption or overall sustainable processes that the organization has in place.

  • Enables Resilience - ability to quickly adapt to new challenges: environmental, climatic and geo-political events, or sociopolitical demands by understanding the profile and lifecycle of your assets.

  • Improves Efficiency - ability to achieve your target objectives with less waste by knowing where, when, and how to make asset investments with the supporting business case as to why.

Real-World Results

Customers that are using the EDA, have reported achieving these tangible benefits.

Improved Efficiency

Achieved up to 30% more value with the same budget


Time Saved

Reducing planning and reporting time by up to 80%


Value Achieved

Generated robust, data-driven investment plans.


Results Delivered

Exceeded stakeholder expectations.

What are the benefits of EDA?

Make more efficient business decisions that not only balance cost and risk, but other complex factors such as customer service levels, safety, environmental impact or even a carbon footprint plans, and deliver optimized asset investment plans. ​ You’ll be powered by an analytic engine that has been tested and proven by different industries around the globe.​ Be confident that you are making the best decisions for your business, stakeholders and customers.​

Quantify and compare complex factors that go into every and each business decision. ​ EDA is capable of walking through millions of investment permutations before producing an optimized investment plan that delivers maximized value to stakeholders and customers. ​ This ability goes beyond capability of any single individual, or even a team of people. The system can output in hours what a team of people would spend weeks or even months on, and with higher asset investment efficiencies.

Easily explore different scenarios and visually compare outcomes against set goals and constrains in order to provide robust and resilient investment plans. ​ Pivot quickly and adjust to any changes, by either factoring in uncertainty in your initial calculations or by reoptimizing your existing plans based on changed circumstances.​ Be more agile and resilient to unforeseen challenges

With centralized information, understanding the state of your assets and managing the risk associated with them becomes a breeze. ​ With the ability to predict failures and outages with predictive analytics, the system can prescribe the best course of action in order to mitigate the risk and address issues before they happen, enabling the company to do the right work, on the right assets, at the right time.​​

Reduce interruption and improve business performance by assessing risk and addressing issues before they happen.​ Using the latest technology and leveraging optimization, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and our digital expertise; EDA was purposely built to predict future asset performance, deliver key insights to asset planners and stakeholders, and optimize asset investment planning to drive better business performance.​

Save time and improve transparency, potentially halving the time necessary for planning and regulatory submission reporting.​ Utilize the existing knowledge and best practices from your industry, saving you time, money and resources in the long run

Transform your strategic planning with an end-to-end analytics platform for smarter, more efficient planning and clear, objective project prioritization. ​ Unify and streamline your planning process with clear directives, configurable workflow, and approvals for planning and prioritization.​ Create a clear line of sight across your organization and easily align your strategic priorities with every day, operational activities

Ensure clear and transparent communication across your organization by unifying all of your key asset data in a single location that is easily accessible, and suitable for modeling.​ Align different teams, departments or regions with often conflicting priorities to your company-wide strategic, tactical and operational planning.​

Create data-driven, reliable plans that fit the criteria of evidence-based reporting required by regulators and governments​ Easily demonstrate cost effectiveness to key stakeholders and show that you can optimize investment plans to realize the greatest value from existing assets.

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Don’t worry – you will have the data – you'll already be using it to make decisions within your current process; it’s just probably not organized in a single storage. Our team of Analytics experts can walk you through the process of collating your data into the format that is required. Additionally, we have a detailed library of atypical asset performance for your sector that has been gleaned from over decades of engineering knowledge and client assignments; we can provide you with this for free.

Arcadis Gen has over 20 years of expertise in the use of advanced optimization. Our optimizers are the result of years of postdoctorate research and have been audited by some of the biggest infrastructure organizations around the globe. We were the first to use genetic algorithm (GA) optimization for complex investment challenges in the utilities sector. Gen's apps primarily use linear optimization which provides exceptional speed of calculation and the ability to generate outputs in near real time. Still not convinced? Our Analytics team are happy to talk through the technical detail.

EDA is industry agnostic and highly configurable, able to handle any linear or vertical assets, and equally capable of optimizing short- and long-term asset planning with multiple constraints. It uses machine learning, AI and complex optimization solvers to quickly deliver optimized investment plans and easily generate business outputs by leveraging different visualization and reporting capabilities.

EDA is capable of walking through millions of investment permutations before producing an optimized investment plan that delivers maximized value to stakeholders and customers. This ability goes beyond capability of any single individual, or even a team of people. The system output in hours what a team of people would spend weeks or even months on with higher asset investment efficiencies ensuring the highest possible performance with existing budget.

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