Transport Strategy Optimizer

Our transportation customers face a growing set of challenges, from climate change to equitable growth, safety and resilience. Arcadis’ Transport Strategy Optimizer helps balance these complex goals with budgetary constraints to identify the appropriate investment priorities.


Create robust, data-driven investment plans through TSO's insights and increase your planning impact in your community.

Test and compare multiple planning scenarios easily and quickly, giving you the option of adding specific goals and constraints to each.

Make the most optimal data-driven decisions to achieve operational excellence while providing the most value for your customers.
Do more with TSO Pro

Do more with TSO Pro

You can add TSO Pro to our standard solution for multi-funding optimization, so you can ensure compliance with funding requirements in every step of your planning.

TSO Pro also makes reforecasting quick and effortless when the constraints you must operate in change, such as planning for different budgets in case a specific competitive fund is not secured, as well as showing you how each scenario will impact your capital improvement.


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Don’t worry – you will have the data. You'll already be using it to make decisions within your current process, and it’s just probably not organized in a single storage. Our team of analytics experts can walk you through the process of collating your data into the format required by the app. Additionally, we have a detailed library of atypical asset performance for your sector that has been gleaned from over decades of engineering knowledge and client assignments; we can provide you with this for free.

Arcadis Gen has over 20 years of expertise in the use of advanced optimization. Our optimizers are the result of years of postdoctorate research. We have been audited by some of the biggest infrastructure organizations around the globe and were the first to use genetic algorithm (GA) optimization for complex investment challenges in the utilities sector. Our apps primarily use linear optimization which provides exceptional speed of calculation and the ability to generate outputs in near real time. Still not convinced? Get in touch with us and our Analytics team will be happy to talk through the technical detail.

We offer our customers unparalleled support with our robust service level agreements and support center, providing you technical and subject expertise when you need it.

Our interactive Project Prioritizer tool will help you identify your ‘quick win’ projects. Simply answer four questions and you’ll get you own personalized plan.

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