Nspace powers the hybrid workplace. Manage desk and space booking, plus welcome visitors to the office – all in one place. Nspace streamlines the process of reserving and utilizing workspaces, making it easy for employees to find and book the perfect spot among their colleagues. Optimize your office layout while improving employee productivity and boosting morale. Nspace has the features needed to efficiently manage your office spaces.




Increase office utilization while energizing your culture. Make hybrid work easy by alowing your employees to book space with ease, schedule meeting rooms in a snap, and welcome visitors with confidence. Nspace is a trusted workspace platform that provides a seamless experience for your staff.

Set the right tone and greet guests with Nspace's visitor management system. Visitors complete registration and start the check-in process remotely. Upon guest arrival, the host is notified for timely greeting. Store visitor log information, signed NDAs, and required forms –  all in one place.

With Visit Planner, staff can spot when their colleagues will be in the office and plan to join them. Catch up and collaborate with the team by easily booking a meeting room. Your employees can access hybrid work at their fingertips.
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Nspace is simple to use. Configure your space by uploading a floor plan and assign availability. Then, your staff can book desks or rooms from the app, desktop, or Teams integration. You'll be able to access analytics and gather insights.

Typically Nspace will be implemented and live within 3 weeks. You will have a dedicated support agent and customer success team to answer any questions and respond to requests throughout the process.

We offer Standard, Growth, and Enterprise plans for companies of all sizes. You can also add on a plan for Visitor Management. Compare the features offered by visiting Nspace pricing

The Nspace app integrates with Microsoft Teams for a seamless experience. Book your desks, rooms, and use Visit Planner without leaving Teams. We also offer Microsoft 365 and two-way Outlook integrations for bookings. Take it further with our Analytics API to integrate with your dashboards. 

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