CurbIQ gives you all the tools you need in a digital platform to build, explore, modify, and analyze the curbside. You can also share the insights with partner organizations and the general public.


Help municipalities, businesses, and residents to better understand curbside regulations in an easy-to-navigate digital platform.

CurbIQ provides a sandbox-like environment to test out different curb configurations digitally, before making expensive and time-consuming physical changes.

Analyze the supply, usage, and revenues of curbside space to make more informed planning decisions.
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Yes! CurbIQ can complete a digital curb inventory using curb-level surveying or augmented mobile mapping technology. We also have extensive experience converting datasets to industry-standard CDS format.

CurbIQ can be used for many urban planning and curb management projects. Popular use cases include seasonal curbside patio configurations, complete street transformations, and displaying real-time parking availability.

Yes! Our team of parking, transportation, and curbside management professionals, as well as our dedicated software team, is always here to lend our expertise to ensure you get the most out of the platform.

Yes! CurbIQ can be used not only by cities, but also by mobility companies, consultants, universities or colleges, and more to obtain any curbside information they may need.

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