Climate Resilience Analytics

Our Climate Resilience Analytics (CRA) solution allows your port or coastal city to understand the impact of climate change-driven events on your assets by enabling you to identify exactly how to build greater resilience into your asset network, so your risks are minimized and your community is protected.


Understand the impact of climate change-driven events on your assets and get the information you need to make the most optimal decisions.

Strategize and optimize your resilience by analyzing multiple simulations of future weather-related events, empowering you to decide what is the best course of action.

Proactively ensure your area is disaster-proof and without service disruptions when severe weather rolls in.

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Our Climate Resilience Analytics has a solid and reliable foundation for predictions, as we use official government data to develop models.

Yes, besides increasing resilience, CRA will give you a better understanding of the critical points in your network. Now you can create more efficiencies in your capital improvement, saving costs, time and delivering a better service to your community.

Our custmomers see improvements in their workflows, enabling them to move away from siloed studies and start using a repeatable model with consistent a methodology.

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