What is Water AI Pipe Predictor

Water AI Pipe Predictor (WAIPP) is a water asset management software that gives precise insights into your water pipe network identifying high-risk water and wastewater pipes, interruption to customers, waste-water collapses, flooding and pollution incidents months or years before they occur, saving you costs in unexpected maintenance and service interruptions.
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Enterprise-level results in an affordable single app. Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning for any size of water utility.

Have confidence that you're making the right decisions for your business, with typical efficiency savings of 20% so you can maximize the value of your capital investment budgets through proactive instead of reactive pipe replacement.

Get setup in days with minimal training required, on a safe and secure cloud-based app, for immediate business insights.

Have confidence that you're making the best decisions for your business, your customers and your shareholders. You’ll be powered by an engine that has been proven in the most rigorous regulated water industries around the globe.

Quickly visualize and identify high risk pipes that are most likely to fail now and into the future. Make investment decisions that will lead to financial and operational success.

Machine learning enables you to understand the performance of individual pipes. Start leveraging the value of the data in your current GIS system.

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Don’t worry – you will have the data – you'll already be using it to make decisions within your current process; it’s just probably not organized in a single storage. Our team of Analytics experts can walk you through the process of collating your data into the format required by the app. Additionally, we have a detailed library of atypical asset performance for your sector that has been gleaned from over decades of engineering knowledge and client assignments; we can provide you with this for free.

We have developed and successfully deployed these solutions over the last 20 years; Arcadis Gen's Analytics and Data Scientists have extensive knowledge of your sector and the algorithms have been tested with organizations like yours; our team would be delighted to share this knowledge with you.

To use the WAIPP Map, you’ll need to upload a third geometric data file, with these requirements:

  • Uploaded in .zip format
  • Contains Shape file and supporting files
  • Location of Asset ID information should be in polygon data or line data
  • In this file, the Asset ID for each asset must match the Asset ID in both the Assets and Failures datasets that you upload.

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