Achieve enterprise-level results with a single, affordable app. The solution’s state-of-the-art algorithm based on 20+ years of experience works intuitively to visualize an effective budget plan.

Gain clear visibility and understanding of results. Capital/Operating Optimization for Buildings will display key metrics and insights to show the impact of your budget decisions.

Get set up in days with minimal training required. A safe and secure cloud-based app will you’re your data into immediate business insights.

Visualize your projects and scenarios for data analysis. Capital/Operating Optimization for Buildings enables you to digest the presented information and gain insights to apply to your business strategy.

See the effect of your decisions real-time. Our configurable dashboard shows the impact of your budget decisions, targeted cash flows, and project forecasts, so you can plan with confidence.

Manage all your assets with one dashboard. Once you’ve uploaded the required data, Capital/Operating Optimization for Buildings lets you display their performance in a single view.

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Maximizing your available budget and ensuring that you aren’t allocating budget where it’s not needed. Asset managers are always having to adapt how they manage budgets based on changing variables and circumstances. Capital/Operating Optimization for Buildings aims to alleviate this pressure and reduce time spent on budget planning by 90%.

Our sales and customer experience team will assist you throughout the onboarding process and ensure that all technical questions regarding the app are answered. The installation process of the app is straightforward and doesn’t require a technical expert, and to help make the onboarding process easier we’ll also share a step-by-step guide.

Our state-of-the-art algorithm and expert industry knowledge work together to intuitively understand your data and build a personalized optimization plan that fits your asset management needs. Start with your existing data and use the Scenarios Feature within the app to create and compare multiple outcomes.

Capital/Operating Optimization for Buildings empowers you with clear visibility of all your assets and business areas. You can be laser-focused on your budget spend and potentially limit your budget allocations to critical business areas or take a more broad-based funding approach. Add your timelines and track the performance of your projects and scenarios through data visualization.

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