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Making due diligence more efficient
Manage your asset data and seamlessly collaborate with stakeholders, through one single platform. Smart Due Diligence (SmartDD) is a web-based application that helps you create high quality, accurate, and consistent reporting in less time than conventional processes, allowing for better time management and more focus on delivering best-in-class advice. Arcadis Gen created SmartDD to provide Arcadis with a cost-effective way to standardize reports and structure data sets, while ensuring that due diligence practitioners can easily use the platform and collaborate with multiple stakeholders.

Today, SmartDD is helping Arcadis digitally transform the way due diligence processes are carried out on a global scale, ensuring high quality and swift reporting for their clients. The platform allows surveyors to standardize data from information collected in the field, without the need for multiple entries; a feature that saves time and effort on repetitive work, allowing for more time spent on high-priority tasks.


Everyday challenges

Disparate and inconsistent data sets.

Associated operational costs and time consumed inputting data.

Lack of a unique standardized method used globally.

Multiple tools needed to perform due diligence.

Access to standardized system and a single source of truth
Once you input your data into the platform, SmartDD will standardize this information so that all your reports and assets are presented consistently and accurately. This will be your single source of truth, allowing you to get rid of time-consuming entries and inaccurate data.

Transform the way your teams work at a global level
SmartDD makes the process of adopting a new platform seamless due to its intuitiveness. Most global organizations have multiple platforms and processes in place, which in most cases can cause disruptions and delays. SmartDD can be used on a global scale, so your teams can collaborate more efficiently.

Collaborate and communicate with your team on the platform
Teams across the world can access the platform to work on and update the data as needed. This will allow for improved collaboration and more time being allocated to perform high-importance tasks, thus allowing project leads and commission managers to manage their teams better.

Keep track of your reports in real time
SmartDD gives you full visibility of your reports’ progression status as well as their deadlines. As these get updated and refreshed, you will be notified and will be able to track progress at any time, helping to manage client and stakeholder expectations. You can use the platform to also prioritize upcoming projects against the calendar year and set up reminder alerts as these approach.

Improve efficiency efforts on the go
Through SmartDD, you will also have access to the smartphone Surveyor Companion App, a tool designed to help you better manage and collect your data while on site, even when you’re off-line. You and your teams can access the Surveyor app to capture asset condition data, as well as other criteria, which will then be saved and automatically uploaded into SmartDD.

Provide your clients with actionable insights, built in a secure environment
With SmartDD your clients will receive a better understanding of their assets and use the insights provided to help manage and plan their assets effectively. SmartDD seamlessly integrates with our InvestSmart, our client reporting platform, enabling improved and consistent reporting and decision making. All of this information will live in a safe and secure environment that can only be accessed by users decided by the client.

To find out more about SmartDD, or to see the tool in action, contact your customer experience manager or email us at

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