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Mobile Work Execution

Streamline field maintenance for increased efficiency
Desktop capability at your fingertips.

Achieve greater business outcomes with an asset management solution that is purpose-built for your on-the-ground maintenance team. Mobile Work Execution enables collaboration and better decision making by making your day-to-day operations more efficient. The app combines leading design thinking, UI and UX excellence, and complex functionality to deliver a game changing mobile solution.

Traditionally, asset management applications aren’t designed for collaboration. Because of this, asset managers often complete work orders and data entries in silos, leading to inefficiencies and duplications. With this app, your team will now be able to work on a single work order together, allowing them to process it and receive updates in real time.

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Streamline completion of complex tasks

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Cross-team collaboration
Mobile Work Execution is an app that is optimized for maintenance workers, giving them the ability to complete work orders while in the field, providing key asset and job insights in real time. Multiple users can be connected to a single work order so they can process it together and receive updates as they happen.

Desktop capability at your fingertips
The Mobile Work Execution app combines leading design thinking, UI and UX excellence, and complex functionality to deliver a game changing mobile solution that you can access at any time. Utilising modern design techniques, the application visualises data in widgets and feeds, to present meaningful information, so the user doesn’t have to go searching for what they need to know.

Ease of use
The app was built with the end-user in mind, meaning that it is simple to use and no involvement or training by external consultants, or even your IT team will be required. As soon as you download the app on to your mobile device you can be up and running in minutes and manage all of your assets in one place.

Time efficiency
The app allows for manual tasks such as filling out work orders and forms to be completed in a simpler way. Usually, these types of tasks require a lot of manual paperwork and clunky data entry procedures, two tasks that take much longer to complete than necessary. With the app, you will complete these in a shorter amount of time, allowing for you to focus on more important areas.

Offline capability
As your teams collaborate and manage data directly on the app, they will also be able to do this whilst working offline. This capability is particularly useful for when accessing the app from remote areas that have poor network service or no service at all.

Increased accuracy
Thanks to the app’s ability to let users collaborate and manage data in real time, your field maintenance will be carried out in a more efficient way, reducing inaccurate data inputs, duplications, and allowing users to update information quickly.

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