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EDA Portfolio II

EDA Portfolio II – next generation of Arcadis Gen's Asset Investment Planning (AIP) solution

In the last couple of years, we've seen and felt numerous challenges across the globe; escalating prices due to global inflation, demand on resources across the supply chain, pressures to transform and focus on driving sustainability through your business - all while keeping the lights on and ensuring that you keep customers, shareholders and employees happy. Making decisions on where and when to deploy your finite resources are more important than ever.

Time and again, we've seen companies struggle with disparate data sources from different systems within the organisation, lack of trust in existing data or time-intensive planning processes, causing them to struggle and lag with changing demands and circumstances.

Now image a world where you can collate, collect and create data that gives you and your senior leadership the confidence that you are making the right decisions, decisions that have the biggest and best impact on your organisational goals.

Arcadis Gen’s new Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) solution, EDA Portfolio II - aims to disrupt the market with an innovative approach to this problem. EDA Portfolio II will enable asset rich organizations to compare multiple projects and portfolios against one another, provide insights for better-informed decisions investment planning, maximize the returns-on-investment (ROI) and deliver optimal, data driven plans to the stakeholders and regulators.

EDA empowers companies to:

• streamline their planning process,

• improve planning efficiency,

• save time on reporting and regulatory submissions,

• and quickly reach objective, data-driven, operational, tactical and strategic decisions. 

Customers that are using Arcadis Gen's Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) have reported realizing these tangible benefits: 

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Launching next generation of EDA Portfolio

For the past couple of years, we've been working hard to improve our existing EDA product and rebuild it on a new platform by adding some features and functionalities that were simply not possible on the existing platform.

The new version of EDA Portfolio (EDA Portfolio II) aims to provide a more intuitive user experience, faster time to value, greater flexibility and significantly improved performance.

Unlike traditional Asset Investment Planning (AIP) or Capital Investment Planning (CIP) technologies that offer fixed application configurations which becomes immutable once set, Arcadis Gen’s EDA Portfolio II software aims to provide organizations with the ability to change system configurations throughout the data lifecycle and reoptimize plans according to changing circumstances, thereby creating a significant shift of what we have learnt to know about traditional enterprise planning software.

Users can interrogate the plans and even overly manual planning, which then answers the questions of what happens if decisions are changed or moved, allowing for quick decision cycles.

What has improved?

User Experience

The user interface has been completely redesigned and simplified in order to ensure a better fit with the existing user journey. The required number of steps and configurations has been reduced and optimization process streamlined. Software will be easier to use, without losing its capabilities.

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The next version of the software aims to provide a Portfolio ‘Paradigm’ shift in the approach to Asset and Capital Investment Planning – this is the shift from linear working model toward a more flexible model, ability to tweak or change parameters in the middle of the process, other features include:

• Ability to have and optimize multiple portfolios.

• Ability to manually edit the portfolio plan.

• Ability to track progress and reoptimize the plan from a specific point.

By evolving our solutions and incorporating customer feedback and the need for adaptive pathways, EDA Portfolio II will provide users with the benefit of having multiple Portfolios and Portfolio Configurations.


EDA Portfolio II has been rearchitected to more efficiently run larger and more complicated portfolio models, resulting in shorter processing times while minimizing processing power and making it quicker for the end user.

Core II, our next generation calculation algorithm modelling software, will be able to run complex and larger models up to 40% faster, enabling us to solve your unique problems that the rest of the market solutions cannot currently match.

Architecture Change: Scalability

To increase the scalability of its product modules and ensure compatibility with native cloud applications, Arcadis Gen has developed a new mechanism for running optimizations: Task Processing Service (TPS). This new solution will improve infrastructure efficiency, provide automated scalability, and reduce the demand for manual intervention, freeing up your time to focus on the things that matter.


We hope you find the new features impactful and can’t wait to hear your feedback. We believe they’ll be game-changing for our customers and will forever transform how we think and interact with Portfolio modelling, as they’ve been designed to boost functionality, insight, and performance, enabling organizations around the globe to reach those data-driven decisions – faster than ever.

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