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Arcadis Gen announces partnership with Conectado Solutions Inc.

Monday, August 2, 2021.

Arcadis Gen, the digital business from global design and consultancy firm Arcadis, today announces a new and exciting partnership with Canadian based, Enterprise Asset Management services company, Conectado. The partnership will aim to accelerate the delivery of Arcadis Gen’s advanced analytics capabilities, and strategic decision support and investment planning software, to organizations in Canada.

Conectado is a services company specializing in deployment of Enterprise Asset Management systems, corporate systems integration, and organizational transformation. Working across the existing Conectado network as well as joint exploration of new opportunities, the two organizations will together make innovative solutions readily available for the asset lifecycle, continuing to provide progressive outcomes and regularly exceed customer expectations in pursuit of the next generation of asset management.

The Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) platform offered by Arcadis Gen has been recognized by industry analysts as a leading asset investment planning software in the industry. The EDA platform provides asset-intensive organizations with the ability to understand and manage the asset lifecycle, alongside providing insight into the investments required to continue providing optimal value to the organization and level of service to stakeholders.

“This partnership is very exciting for us at Conectado as it marks a big step forward in our path to innovate and bring new ideas to the asset management and technology space. Arcadis Gen’s products will strengthen the suite of services Conectado can provide to clients, helping them transform their data to information and to gain insights about their business, and ultimately build stronger decision-making tools. Arcadis Gen brings a wealth of global experience from clients across key asset management industries, and together, we can develop meaningful asset-specific solutions.”, said Bonnie Tam, Chief Executive Officer at Conectado Solutions Inc.

“We are excited to work with Conectado in the Canadian marketplace, as a firm well versed in the asset management and analytics needs of government, transportation and utilities in the Canadian region,” said Arcadis Gen Director of Sales for North America, Rob Corazzola. “Conectado has an agile and successful approach to project deliveries, bringing a wealth of expertise which has been well received by clients. This partnership will open many doors, and further enhance Arcadis Gen’s ability to deliver superior projects, with a value-added, consulting perspective from Conectado.”

Together, in partnership with Conectado, as well as other strategic partnerships, Arcadis Gen continues to strive towards greater accessibility for asset management excellence through the transformational use of affordable, efficient, and robust digital solutions.

About Arcadis Gen

Arcadis Gen is the global digital business from the leading design and consultancy firm Arcadis. It is on a mission to create next-generation digital products that help asset-intensive organizations around the world harness the power of their data. Arcadis Gen’s software is designed to rapidly improve performance from the earliest stages of strategic planning, right through to operational delivery. We bring a unique blend of deep asset knowledge, industry expertise and advanced analytics to help our customers generate what’s next.

About Conectado Solutions Inc.

Conectado Solutions provides Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Consulting Services from strategy to digital implementations with a goal of transforming organizations to mature in their Asset Management practices.

Conectado’s philosophy is to build sustainable solutions for their customers, empowering them to become knowledgeable asset owners through evidence-based decision-making.

Conectado Solutions is certified by WBE (Women Business Enterprise) and participates in supplier diversity programs.

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